Haunted Astoria


Ghostly tales of ghostly ships, sailors and sea monsters in and around Astoria, Oregon.



Jeff Davis wrote the first edition of this 96 page book for the Third Annual Pacific Northwest Ghosthunters Conference in Astoria, Oregon, in November 2006.  Revised and updated, it remains popular with travelers and ghost hunters on the Oregon Coast.  There are tales of ghostly sailors, still lingering in their old homes, like Captain George Flavel. Then there is Fort Stevens, where old soldiers have still not faded away. At the Liberty theater, perhaps some of the stage actor ghosts are still active. Astoria burned to the ground not once, but twice, and perhaps a firefighter or two remains watchful at the Uppertown Firehouse Museum. There are strange sea critters, haunted hotels, B&B’s and restaurants, as well as a ghostly lady at Knappton Cove.

This book has 96 pages, with many photographs and full index of locations and subjects. 


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