Portland’s Rose City Ghosts I


Collected stories from some of Portland, Oregon’s oldest and most famous haunts.



This book is the first in a series of collected ghost stories from in and around Portland, Oregon. Volume I’s focus is on historic haunts on the oldest parts of Portland.  On the west bank of the Willamette River, stories include stories of lost graveyards, Shanghaii tunnels, and Portland’s many flamboyant personalities. Most of these locations are now restaurants, bars, office buildings, or other retail stores. This book also includes stories on some of Portland’s more famous haunts from other locations. These include the White Eagle Saloon, Pittock Mansion, and the former location of the KWJJ Radio station.

The following stories have appeared in earlier Jefferson Davis books, © 1997 – 2001: The Crystal Ballroom, The Benson Hotel, The Heathman Hotel, The Noisy Ghosts of Piggot’s Castle, KWJJ is on the Air, and Pittock Mansion. Some elements of stories from the following places have appeared in other Jefferson Davis works: Old Town Pizza, Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, Kells Irish Pub, The White Eagle Saloon.


This book is 96 pages long, with numerous photos and a full index.


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