Vancouver USA Ghosts Volume I


Volume 1 of true ghost stories of Vancouver, Washington.  Including stories from the Vancouver, Barracks and old-town Vancouver.



Vancouver, Washington, known to some as Vancouver USA is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest. Founded as the Hudson’s Bay post of Fort Vancouver in the 1820s, a small town quickly grew up around it. In the 1840s, American settlers began arriving, and in 1849, the U.S. Army came, establishing the Vancouver Barracks. Although the army left in 2011, many of its old soldiers remain, and have not faded away.

There are many stories from the Vancouver Barracks, such as the ghostly sentry who haunts the Parade Ground. There is General Alfred Sully, and the many other resident ghosts at the Ulysses S. Grant House. There are also the spirits along Officers Row, such as the ghostly nanny of Windemere Realty, mentioned in Haunted History: Northwest, and the other buildings, such as the Post Hospital, built in the early 1900s.

There are many stories from downtown Vancouver’s historic core, including the buildings lining Main Street, Esther Short Park, and several of downtown’s historic homes. Stories include the Slocum House Theater, visited by the TV show, The Dead Files. There are also several stories of haunted houses, where the author hid the location, to protect current tenants.

This book retails for $12.95, and has 124 pages, with over a dozen illustrations. Some of the locations in this book are mentioned in Jeff Davis’ earlier books. However, he has updated the original stories, to include recent hauntings, as well as newly discovered historic facts. There are many locations that will be new to readers of Jeff’s previous books.

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